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Tea Time – Ahmad Tea London, Peach & Passion Fruit

I was pleasantly surprised when two samples from Ahmad Tea showed up in my Birchbox this month. I realized I hadn’t done a tea review in nearly a year and thought it would be nice to start it back up again!

Today, I present to you the Peach & Passion Fruit tea. That first sipped of the tea went down smoother than honey, and the rich scent of peach and the sweet tingles of passion fruit immediately invaded my senses. I loved it! The taste of peaches lingers on the tongue ever so slightly. The feeling I get from drinking this is happiness. The scent of the tea and the sweet flavoring make me feel upbeat, excited. I’ve never had tea from Ahmad Tea before today, and I’m pretty said that there isn’t a distributor anywhere near me. Luckily, Ahmad Tea also sells their tea through

On black tea
Black teas is usually stronger in flavor than your oolong, green and white teas. These are great as a coffee replacement in the morning. You don’t get that cracked out feeling that the rush of so much caffeine gives you. You can start your day out less stressed with a nice cup of black tea while you pour over emails and prep your daily ta-da lists. I’m not really supposed to have coffee due to my ADHD, so having tea is a great replacement for that and wakes me up first thing in the morning. I’m pretty lost all day without it.