Nerd Life

WANTED: The last 30 days

To be quite honest with you, I’m not sure how I’ve found time to sleep remotely well. Eating? Thank the stars for the creation of fast food. It may have shortened my lifespan overall, but least it’s getting me through today.

This isn’t even everything I need to get through. I will say that seeing it all in fun fonts and colors has given me perspective on my “ta-da” list. Hasn’t eliminated the levels of anxiety that I have, but at least now you know why I’ve been more MIA lately than usual.

I’m hoping to jump back in full force over the next two weeks. I’m further ahead in school than I originally thought I would be, and now my head is a little bit clearer about work stuff for me to give my sites the undividied attention they’ve been needing for quite some time now.

Here’s to hoping I don’t have a breakdown and start running around town punching kittens, because of the sheer fact alone that it sounds like more effort than I’m willing to apply to anything that isn’t sleeping.