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How Pinteresting: True Geek Chic

Goodbye Pond, Amy Pond Character Inspired Outfit by fiftyshadesofinsanity 
 Jasmine Character Inspired Outfit by Disneybound
John and Pocahontas Character Inspired Outfit by Disneybound Snape Character Inspired Outfit by Disneybound

Many of us never realize how the shows and movies we watch, the characters we grow most fond of, affect our daily lives. Even an outfit we throw together can be influenced by a character. That’s what I love most about character inspired outfits. It’s kinda like cosplay, only in every day wear.

The are geniuses over at Polyvore, a site much like Pinterest that allows people to share their favorite clothing, collections and outfit designs using a huge database of actual product to collage into pieces of art. If you follow my Geek Chic board over at Pinterest, you’ll have seen an influx lately of great nerdy outfits. I can’t help it! These people do such a good job of picking out pieces that really capture the character visually that I want them all like they’re Pokemon. It’s dangerous.

As a personal challenge to myself, I’ve decided to take it one step above and actually wear these gorgeous outfits in public. I’m starting with a few pieces and going from there. I’ve already done the Phineas (from Phineas and Ferb cartoon on Disney), but I wasn’t happy with how the pictures came out. I’m a pair of yellow flats and/or a yellow purse away from a different Dory outfit.

The only unfortunate aspect is that the majority of these outfits are more fall/winter-based, and the weather here is sunny and at 97 degrees. It’s stupid. I’m so ready for fall.

What’s one character you would love to dress like? Have you already done it? 

If you’ve posted it to your Instagram or Twitter, tag me in your comments @thejoeyroberts, +Joey Roberts on Google+, or send it to me via Pinterest if you’ve pinned it, and I’ll post your photos here later this week! Sharing is caring, folks!