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Geek Chic: Forever 21 Gets Nerdy

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It’s not like I needed more reasons to love Forever 21 and hand them my entire paycheck in exchange for pretty things, but then they go and do this to me.

In an affordable price range of $19.80 – $22.80, these sweaters can easily be added to any outfit for a relaxed geek chic look. What’s awesome is the fact that they have Duck Tales in their line-up. Duck Tales, you guys. That was my jam growing up. I’m totally a 90’s kid. I remember getting up early on Saturday morning with the rest of my generation to watch all the best classics like, Duck Tales, Dark Wing Duck, Rescue Rangers, Power Rangers, Animaniacs…

I can’t wait to pick up one of these gems. I wonder how difficult it would be for me to sneak it into one of my outfits for my office job. *plots manically*


Images: Forever 21