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Bugging Out









I found this skirt during a random shopping trip into my local Crossroads Trading Co. store. I knew I had to take it home the second I saw it. I don’t think I even paid attention to the size when I bought it either. Yellow jackets, beetles, butterflies and bees are scattered and blended in with the black and blue print of foliage against the white material. The bright blue catches the eye and the longer you look the more creatures you can find in the print. It’s one of the pieces I get the most amount of compliments on and one of the most fun skirts I have to twirl in. It even has a built in tulle petticoat underneath! It’s also one of those pieces you can have in your closet and make work all year round. Having timeless pieces is very important to me because I hate having too many articles of clothing good for only a certain time of year. Weather in the Central Valley can get all over the place and its nice not to have to dig in a tub for summer clothes in the middle of winter.

My job mainly consists of me creating designs involving bugs. A lot. I’ve done photoshoots of bed bugs before. I’ve also done photoshoots of dead insects on glueboards. Your fear of insects quickly decipitates when you’re dealing with images of them or living insects on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, ants still freak me out and if a flying insect gets within eyesight of me I will freak out and I will throw you in front of me to save my own life. I’ve done it before. All is fair in love, war, and saving yourself from flying creatures. I once had a pet cockroach at my desk, which no one understood. It was all good until it molted and it turned out not to be a feeder roach, but a Dwarf Cave Roach. Fun fact: Dwarf Cave Roaches have wings. Gibby and my relationship quickly took a sour turn. While my love for him continued, we knew we would forever be separated by the plastic container in which I kept him in. Gibby lasted just over a year or two before finally passing away one weekend. Have I totally grossed you out yet? Good.


This Outfit:
Jacket – Ambiance
Shirt –  Forever 21 (exact)
Skirt – (thrifted; Crossroads)
Socks – Styles for Less (exact)
Shoes – ModCloth (old)
Bracelet – Target (thrifted)
Rings – unknown (thrifted)
Sunglasses – Target (exact)
Purse – Coach Poppy (old)

Special thanks to my friend, Bebe, for photography.