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Geek Chic: Nightwing







As you can tell, I love these boots. There are days when I’m concerned that I live in them. Then I remember how awesome and super comfortable they are and stop caring that I wear them almost 3 days out of my work week. How can you not love a great pair of ankle boots?! Same with this jacket. I’d been needing a shorter black trench coat and this has been my staple jacket since I bought it two months ago during a shopping trip in San Francisco. This purse is also another one of my favorites. Story: I really wanted a satchel bag, but waited too long and couldn’t find any, anywhere. A day after I had given up and started looking for the next trend of bags that I was late to jump on board, this thrifted Anne Klein one on sale and the one I’ve been rocking from Target on clearance appeared to me in the same shopping week. Loving both for different reasons, I took them both home. I’m so glad I did that too, because there are some outfits that one works with the other doesn’t. This Nightwing inspired character outfit is a great example of that. I pulled my character inspired outfit direction from this pin by the lovely, gogirlwonder, and put my own little spin on it.

Nightwing is the adopted superhero alter ego of the original Robin, Dick Grayson, in the Batman series. Dick Grayson was always my favorite of the Robins, but I guess I’m just a sucker for the originals. His parallel background to Bruce Wayne and his many ups and downs throughout the series has always fascinated me. While I’ve never really been a fan of comics books, I’ve watched the hell out of the 90s cartoon series growing up. Finding out later on that little Dick Grayson grows up to be the sexy badass Nightwing made me fist pump in excitement. The thing that I love the most about the Batman characters is that no one is really born with powers, they all are just crazy people with really amazing skills and access to a lot of money. Way better than Superman’s story, but that’s just my opinion. You can read more about Nightwing here on the DC wiki page.


This Outfit:
Jacket – Ambiance
Blazer – Target (similar)
Tank – Target (exact)
Pants – Forever 21 (similar)
Boots – Target (similar)
Purse – Anne Klein (thrifted)
Glasses – The Icings (old, non-prescription)