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Geek Chic: Who’s ready to science?!





So, I attempted to put together an outfit that was inspired by Winnie the Pooh. After everything was thrown together I quickly realized I resembled more of your classic stereotyped nerd from an MTV original series. My brain then went immediately to Bill Nye and the natural order of things told me to slap on my 8-bit bow pin that I made a couple of months ago. That guy has some pretty shnazzy bow ties, am I right? I’m actually please with how this brightly colored outfit came together.

Did you know that an asteroid passed by Earth on Monday night? One large enough to kill a large number of people? I was so stoked to catch the live feed of it on all day. After taking my video game back, all I could think about was making a quick dinner and playing some more Pokemon White that I had completely forgotten about it and didn’t jump in until 56 minutes in. Still, seeing science history happen and on the one-year anniversary of the asteroid hitting Siberia last year was pretty thrilling! I can’t wait to catch the total lunar eclipse happening in less than 55 days!


This Outfit:
Jacket – Zara (thrifted)
Sweater – Splendid (thrifted)
Shirt – Liz & Co. (thrifted)
Skirt – Old Navy (old)
Belt – Unknown
Tights – Target (similar)
Shoes – Brash for Payless (old)
Pin – handmade