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Monday Mash-up


A WHOLE WEEKEND OF RAIN! *twirls* It was so nice. If you’ve been following up on the news, you know that California has been dry as a desert for far too long. I’m much more of a grey skies and raindrops kind of gal. Even the Coach keychain I have is of raindrops and umbrellas from years ago. I would fair well in Seattle, that’s for sure. So, what do you do when the sky decides to randomly dump heavy amounts of water on you? Game, craft and bing out on TV.

Press Start: Oh Tomb Raider, how sweetly my soul you steal. I can tell you right now that, hands down, it’s the most beautiful game I’ve ever played. The only other game I can think of to compare it to as far as graphics goes is Assassin Creed (any of them post-Brotherhood). In addition, I’m also doing some Call Of Duty: Ghosts online action. I’m not very good at first-person shooters because I hate not having my peripherals available to me, but I actually got about 5 total kills last night, including taking down one enemy spy plane. I’m at a lowly Rank 2, but more determined than ever to finally make this type of game play my bitch. Sorry Pokemon, I’ll catch the rest of you later. I’ve got people to snipe.

Craft Time: Last Friday, I made it over to Making Memories in Lodi for their monthly Crop Night event. I’m currently in the middle of doing Project Life for the year and combining it with the daily challenge set up by Kristen on her Daily Journals board with the monthly challenges she created for the year so we would always have something to scrap about, even on the quietest of weeks. It’s helped out a TON. I’m super behind, though. Luckily, my life has been busy enough to where I haven’t been hurting too much without the structured entries.

Nailed It: Sorta. I sorta nailed it. I’m currently rocking Beautifully Disney nail polish in Mistress of Evil and Just One Bite from their Villians Wickedly Beautiful set. I tried to use just Mistress of Evil, but couldn’t get the glitter to spread out very far. After three coats and not much success, I covered up in two layers with the Just One Bite and then once more with the Mistress of Evil. For the base and top coat, I used ORLY’s Won’t Chip topcoat. I’m not really a glitter nail polish person because it’s such a pain in the ass to get off, but I wanted to try something different and test it out without a base color. I have learned my lesson. I’m sure there’s a trick to it. I’ll figure it out later.

Bumpin’: I’m currently in the middle of converting another to the Who-verse. We just finished the “Father’s Day” episode. I cried. Again. Because I seem to cry every freakin’ time I see that episode. It’s always so exciting when I get someone into Doctor Who. I believe my count is up to 4 now. Yay! I think I’m even more excited this time around because I know which episodes they’re going to like and which Doctor will end up being their Doctor. Mine is Ten, but Nine was my first and will always have a special place in my heart. Who is yours?


Image credit for Doctor Who clip.