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Monday Mash-up… err Tuesday.


Sunday afternoon, I made a visit to my local Game Stop to pick up a couple of games for my Nintendo DS Lite. You have no idea how stoked I was to find Animal Crossing: Wild World and Pokemon White! I swooped those in a hot second and celebrated my victory with a Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip ice cream cone. I should have known my luck would run out quickly as the ice cream started to fight back (I’m sorta lactose intolerant, so I get that that was my bad) and found out later that night that the Animal Crossing cartridge was defective. I was pretty depressed after all that. Sure, I still had Pokemon to play with, but I wanted to play Animal Crossing. If you’ve never played that game before, GO PLAY IT RIGHT NOW. SRSLY. RIGHT NOW. You can thank me later. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a replacement cartridge at the location I went to and not wanting to run all over town I grabbed Super Mario Brothers 64 for the DS. I’m hoping I’ll have time to play it tonight while I work on my craft projects a bit.

Press Start: I have to say that getting into Pokemon White has made up for the headaches of my video gaming issues. I’m on Route 2 and hoping to score a Purrloin and a Audino soon. Some people may consider it “cheating”, but I’m so grateful for walkthrough guides when it comes to the Pokemon games. The game is so expansive and there’s so many hidden things that it’s nice having a roadmap to ensure you don’t miss anything. And yes, I’m that crazy of a player. I’m like that with all my games. Take Animal Crossing for example; I will shake every damn tree in sight at least 2-3 times just to make sure that I’ve gotten every fruit, stone and mystery gift there could possibly be. *crazy eyes*

Nailed It: Guess who got a new paint color like three weeks ago and forgot about it?! This girl. I absolutely love the tones of this polish! I managed to swoop this baby from Sally’s Beauty Supply during a trip a few weeks ago with my friend, Sheena, and I’m so glad I splurged. I needed a palette cleanser after the glitter polish disaster from last week. ORLY’s Ingenue has a bit of gold, pink and bronze, and layers up perfectly. One coat gives you a soft, delicate, pale pink and gold shimmer to your nails. Two coats (like I have on) really packs on the gold glitter and the pink darkens a bit to look almost mauve. I haven’t tested out what three coats of the polish will look like, but my prediction is turning the pink into more of a burgundy and really bringing out the bronze tones from the polish. I’m most excited to rock this polish with one coat later on because I have eyeshadow from MAC, called Expensive Pink, that is pink and gold hues, and would match this perfectly. I might even have an outfit to boot…

Craft Time: Right now, I’m jumping back and forth between this Super Mario Brothers scenery paper craft and a Bulbasaur cross stitch. I couldn’t find my normal straight scissors for a while and did most of the straight edge work with an Exact-O knife. I wish I had gotten a photo of the bricks so you could see just how insane I am for attempting this with an Exact-O. The wavy lines at the bottom were no easy feat either, but luckily I had special scissors for it. I can’t wait to get this bad boy frames and posted on the blog. I’m going to wait to bombard you with my Pokemon cross stitches until I’m done with the little set I’m making of the ones I’ve started the games out with. Don’t expect to see any evolved ones anytime soon.

Bumpin’: Gracie Potter and the Nocturnals is owning my soul right now. I’ve been playing “All Over You”, “The Divide” and “Roulette” from their The Lion The Beast The Beat album. I’ve also been listening to Grace Potter’s “Something That I Want” from Disney’s Tangled soundtrack. Their beat has been thumping on the inner walls of my brain and my foot won’t stop tapping along with it. And really, who can’t relate to “All Over You”? With lines like, “You’re so cruel when you smile, You keep me waiting all the while, If only you stopped leading me on, Then you’d see that it’s been raining all along,” it’s hard not to think back to a time when you were in that position. Unless you haven’t, then you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about and should go back to listening and enjoying the song. *hums the lyrics*