Nerd Life

Monday Mash-up


Mondays can be the worst. Especially when you wake up looking forward to sinking your teeth into a delicious sugar donut, only to remember you left the box in the truck of your car that is way to far away to make it worth it running out into the freezing cold in nothing but your jammies. That bowl of cereal wasn’t enough to make my empty stomach remotely full. My Monday got even worse half way through the day as my eyes started to dry out and I got this weird swelling feeling in my eyes. Then my neck and back started aching. I felt like I was just falling apart at the seams. That’s why you’re getting this post on a Tuesday instead of a Monday as I had originally planned. Whatevs.

Press Start: After a two month hiatus, I’ve finally jumped back into my Pokemon Sapphire game. With my DS Lite fully charged and my brain ready to forget how troublesome responsibilities can be (like doing taxes, for example), I’ve jumped head first into oblivion. I usually end up jumping back and forth between Harry Potter Legos Years 1-4 and Pokemon Sapphire when I play. It’s a very different type of game play and the pace of the games are different, so it helps me to not get burnt out on which ever one I’m going insane over. I’m hoping to pick up a couple of games this week so I have more than just the two. My DS Lite (in white, in case you were curious) never really got a lot of use when I first bought it, so I’m really trying to get my depreciated money’s worth now. Yay used games! I <3 them. I also managed to get a copy of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for the Xbox One last night that I’ll be tearing into head first later on this evening. Wish me luck.

Craft Time: If you follow me on Instagram (@prettynerdygirl), you saw that I started cross stitching for the second time in my life. This time, I’m starting out with my logo as practice to get me in the groove and see how long it takes me to do a design to better manage my future CS projects. So far, so good. However, I’m having a bit of trouble with figuring out how to get the title to fit below the bow. It’s the second to smallest ring that I’m working on, so any suggestions are helpful. I’ll probably end up stitching the site initials. I’ll be doing a post on what I did, the threads used, etc., once I’ve completed it later this week or next. I’m pretty close to being done and I’m so excited to share the project with you guys! *dances*

Nailed It: While most people were busy prepping for their Super Bowl parties, I was doing laundry and waiting as patiently as possible for my Wingstop order to get filled while doing my nails. I took inspiration from this pin and busted out ORLY in White Out, OPI in Black Onyx, Essie in Geranium, love & beauty by Forever 21 in a bright blue I’m sad to say I don’t have the name for anymore, and my paint brush and got to work. I realized halfway through that I had put the dot on the wrong on my left hand and struggled to compensate. With so little time left and so much to do, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to redo everything. I primarily picked out two colors for my base because I couldn’t decide which to go with. I’m pretty damn pleased with them, despite the left hand debacle. I topped them all off with ORLY’s Sec ‘N Dry topcoat and was off to get my food!

Bumpin’: Ida Maria has been my go-to music this week. She popped up on my Spotify Discover page because I listen to Kate Nash and gave her a go, not realizing I’ve been playing her single “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked” for years! You know how it is sometimes; you know the song inside and out but have NO clue who the artist is and constantly forget to research. That’s this moment for me. Since Friday, I’ve been listening to her albums Fortress ’round My Heart and KATLA while doing my cross stitching and cleaning. Definitely check her out when you get a chance.