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For whatever reason, I feel like I pull a little hair inspiration from Katniss in this dress and can’t ever seem to wear it without having my hair in a braid. I’m ok with this, though. I love this dress and was so glad when I realized all of these pieces worked so well together. It was like I bought a new outfit without actually leaving my bedroom closet. As usual, I waited too long to jump on the thigh-high socks train and am now having a hell of a time trying to stock up. This pair in particular I swooped from Target, and I’m very pleased with them for the most part.

With a new year comes new expectations, new goals and dreams, and for me, a new life. 2013 was the year of half-ass starts, sad goodbyes, and wracking up unnecessary amounts of debt. However, I am nothing if not determined.  I started the year off in a calm, yet focused, manner and I fully intend to see my story through. This year, I’m paving a new path for myself and I know it’s going to be a great one. Look out world. I’m coming for you.


This Outfit:
Jacket – Target (similar)
Dress – Petticoat Alley at TJMaxx
Tank – Forever 21 (exact, in black)
Belt – Unknown (thrifted)
Socks – Target (exact, in blue)
Shoes – Target (exact)
Sunglasses – Target (exact; RIP these glasses, as they broke later that day)
Clutch – Coach

Special thanks to Kristen Hennings for photography.