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Happy Hangover Day!





Hey guys, remember that time it was St. Patrick’s Day and I forgot to hit publish on my post and then EVERYTHING I wrote became instantly irrelevant and had to start from scratch?! Yeah. Me, too. *facepalm*

I hope you are all recovering well today from drinking last night. If you’re like me and you’re lame and didn’t drink because you didn’t want to feel like ass the next day at work, I hope you didn’t laugh too hard at your peers. Although I might not always participate in the drinking aspect of the Irish holiday, IΒ always wear green. I made the mistake of not wearing green once in grade school and was so traumatized from the experience that I never forgot to wear green again. Which, let me tell you, was quite difficult going to a junior high school that had uniforms that didn’t include green. But I made it happen! And you better believe that I will pinch you if you are in my presence and not wearing green. Unless I’m severely outnumbered by people not wearing green, in which case I will be lazy and not pinch anyone but feel slightly smug for remembering. I love holidays. Probably too much.


This Outfit:
Jacket – Target (thrifted)
Top – Forever 21 (old)
Pants – Forever 21 (old)
Shoes – ModCloth (similar)
Sunglasses – Target (similar)
Purse – Coach (old)