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In Remembrance of Roses




Last Friday marked my Grandma’s one year death anniversary. If you were wondering why the past week has been quiet, that’s why. We had a small gathering of friends at my parents’ house that night. It was pretty nice seeing the house full of that many people all coming to remember the wonderful life she lived. I did pretty well until a close friend of the family asked me to show him and his wife photos we had of her. Afterward, I grabbed a piece of AMAZING apple pie and sob into it in her old room. As weird as this may sound, it felt pretty good. When it was time to calm down so I could go back out and interact with the remaining guests, I made a quick phone call and was good to go. It’s nice having people in your life that can make you smile in the worst of moods.

Since her passing, I’ve noticed an increase of rose paraphanilia popping up in my closet and home. I buy bouquets that have at least one rose, and the other day I bought this pair of skinny pants from Ross. And this goes beyond the fact that I have an online secondhand shop called October Rose Boutique (named after her birth month and favorite flower; reopening on April 1st). I’m not really one for roses, personally, unless they’re the kind that grow in bush form and not the kind people buy during Valentine’s Day. The thing I love most about this pair of pants is that the design looks almost cross stitch when you look closely at it. They’re also ridiculously comfortable, which rocks.


This Outfit:
Jacket – Katherine Barclay (old)
Shirt – Forever 21 (thrifted)
Vest – Rampage (thrifted)
Pants – Shinestar (Ross)
Shoes – Blowfish (gift from Kristen)
Sunglasses – Target (similar)