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Looted: “some things take time.” Bracelet from Etsy



A few weeks ago, I purchased my new staple accessory: my “some things take time.” bracelet. I wear this simple piece with everything I wear as a reminder to myself to have patience as I work towards the things in life that I want.

StampedExpressionsCo makes custom and original bracelets, rings, necklaces, tie bars and charms. It’s really easy to place the order, too. I purchased the item and, in the notes, I explained where I wanted the stamping, what I wanted it to say and in what font I wanted it. In two weeks, I was rocking my new bracelet in every outfit I could pair it with!

The thing I love most about this bracelet is that it’s made with 1100 Pure Alumnium. My skin reacts weird with certain metals, so having something that allergy-friendly and will hold up against prolonged use. It’s also a bendable metal, so I can have it as tight or as loose as I want on my wrist!

I completely recommend you guys getting custom design bracelet from StampedExpressionsCo. They also have phrases from Harry Potter, Frozen, Toy Story and more. And if you need your item before the 2 week mark,they do offer a Priority Mail shipping upgrade. Custom pieces like this are always great for gifts and unique pieces for your collection!


Disclaimer: I was not endorsed by StampedExpressionsCo to write this post. These thoughts are of my own and the bracelet was paid out of my own pocket.