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Looted: Unboxing April Birchbox




I’m not going to lie to you guys, I seriously contemplated canceling my Birchbox account a month ago because I was getting some not good things in my box. I was getting lotion and just weird stuff I didn’t particularly care for, leaving me just sad after opening the boxes. This happened 3 months in a row. I realized that the primary reason I was getting, in my opinion, such shit samples was because I hadn’t updated my profile since I joined Birchbox. My style, interests and wants had changed quite a bit since then and made sure I updated it and gave it a few more chances before I pulled the plug on my beloved account that I had grown so fondly over. I’m a lot happier with my box now. Now unto my unboxing for the April 2014 Birchbox box!

This month’s box gave me a sample of Madison Reed Nourishing Color-Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner, Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eye Pencil  in Silver, Color Club Art Duo Pen in Black, KIND Healthy Grain Bar in Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt, and idea #31 of Birchbox’s 52 Bright Ideas for a Rainy Day.

love the shampoo and conditioner I got. I washed my hair last night with it and the whole bathroom kept the soft scent for a good 10 minutes after. While most of the scent is gone now (probably partially due to my smoothing serum and straightening and blowdrying), I still can’t get over that little surprise. I’ve never received a sample that was so strong in scent, but not in the way where you think the smell is going to kill you. It’s more like the type that seeps into your significant other’s smell and becomes your scent. It also left my hair with a shine that I haven’t been able to get in a long time from just a shampoo/conditioner duo. There is a very good chance I will be purchasing the full size bottles of this set in the near future.

Tip 31 of 52: Browse art for sale online – it’s more affordable than you think. Some great options to get started: Artsy, Artspace, and the Tappan Collective. These art e-stores have a great selection of pieces to view and chose from, but very high out of my price range. Normal priced for what they should be, though. Maybe one day I’ll find one for a steal?

I’ve never taste one of KIND’s bars before, but I’ve always had a mild interest in what they must taste like. Pretty bad ass that they’d send us a full-size bar to test. The more of the bar I ate, the more sea salt  could taste. However, the maple aspect of it was kind of hard to spot. I really liked the bar overall, though. I can see myself packing a box of this stuff for my Disneyland trip in a couple of weeks. Have a couple in the car and throw a few in my backpack to help keep my energy up and appetite at bay while running from ride to ride.

Overall, I think they did very well with this box. I still haven’t had a chance to test out the eye pencil or the nail polish, but being very familiar with those brands, I have no doubt that I’ll love them to pieces. This box definitely came with more seemingly full-sized products than normal, and for that I’m thankful. My only wish would be for the shampoo and conditioners they send last me a little longer than 1-3 washes, but that’s more because I have ridiculously thick, long hair and a personal complaint than anything against them or the manufacturers.