Geek Chic

Minty Fresh Breath of Spring





I’m kind of tired with the way the weather has been acting. It’s like Mother Nature is pmsing and throwing a weird temper tantrum. One day its warm and sunny, then next its storming upon us like we should have built an ark.

Sims has taken over my life. Along with Supernatural. I’m only on the 3rd episode of the series, but I’m hooked. I’ve been alternating between the two and have successfully escaped the stress of holding two job positions at one time. Sometimes, the best way to let go is to lose yourself in someone else’s life. In this case, it’s the adorable character I made in Sims whose life ambition is to be an evil genius and the crazy adventures of Sam and Dean. Ahh the nerd life. So many escapes from reality you provide me through these busy times.


This Outfit:
Jacket – sashimi (thrifted)
Dress – One Clothing
Tights – Xhilaration (exact)
Shoes – Seychelles (exact)
Purse – Coach (last season)
Sunglasses – Target (exact)