Looted: Unboxing April My first Lootcrate





Guess who got her first Lootcrate! ME. Just in the nick of time, too. With the stress of a job position change, getting my store back up and running, planning blog posts, photo gigs and general living, I’ve needed some presents to make my day a bit brighter. I got my Birchbox and Lootcrate boxes yesterday afternoon and it was killing me having to wait until I got home to open them!

First, let me say that Lootcrate freaking wins at packaging. From the inside box design to the monthly pins to the little booklet they provide in every box, it’s totally $20 well spent (minus the $3 coupon code they provided for the first month). The booklet that came with the box is more like a mini magazine. They gave us a history lesson about dragons, had an interview with Trade Chat from YouTube, went in depth on Elder Scrolls Online, and all of the included pieces had a page to themselves with detailed descriptions. These guys don’t miss a step. (Except in their choice of jerky.)

I found out late last week that the them of the box this month would be dragons and I hoped SO hard that a little figurine of ANYTHING would be in the box. It’s been a while since my collectibles had a new addition. You can imagine my surprise when I found out there were TWO figurines in mine. I scored a Direwolf (House of Stark) in my Funko Mystery Minis box for Game of Thrones. Having recently been sucked into the world, this was a great surprise. The box also came with a small Nord figurine from the Skyrim series. Though I haven’t played the game yet, I have very much been wanting to dip my hands in it.

This month’s box also came with a plain 20-sided die (mine was black) and a 20-sided die stress ball with the Lootcrate logo on it. Win guys. Win. Though I haven’t had a chance to play for a while now, I know for damn sure this will come in handy the next time I’m in game. Can’t yet decide if I want it on my home desk or my work desk. Too many choices. The last of the the dragon loot was a “Dragon Slayer” dog tag necklace, a Dragon Shield screen cleaner (guys, keep these because they’re always super handy) and dragon jerky.

Yeah, I said it. Freaking dragon jerky, you guys.

I mean, it’s really just beef jerky, but they did a good job making it look like something else. I just wish they were larger, more solid pieces, rather than tiny little kibble. Dragons are massive. Why are the pieces so small? Have I tried it yet? Yes. It’s beefy jerky with some weird green flavoring fuzz stuff you can’t really taste on it. Not bad for free-ish, but I probably won’t go back for me.

Tomorrow, I unbox this month’s Birchbox.


Disclaimer: I was not endorsed by Lootcrate to write this post. These thoughts are of my own and the box was paid out of my own pocket.