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Geek Chic: Grey Skies & Floral Wear




Oh, Spring. Where have you gone? I wasn’t quite ready to wavy goodbye to you. I am, however, very excited to wear flowy skirts and dresses without tights and get some Vitamin D on my legs! You can have the heat wave, though. I don’t particular care much for that.

These photos were taken about two weeks ago, when the weather couldn’t decide if it was Spring or Summer and the days were mainly left with clouds filling the sky to do nothing more than tint my world slightly grey. I was cool with it. I like it when it’s grey out. That type of weather always reminds me of that time between Fall and Winter when the rain is starting to kick in but some of the summer heat hasn’t quite gone completely away. We haven’t had a season like that in quite some time, but they do happen.

Why do I talk about the weather so much?! Must be my yearning to be outdoors enjoying it rather than seeing it happen from inside an office window. Odd.

These are some of the last pictures you’ll see on here of me with all brown hair. I’ve recently gone purple and I don’t plan on every going back if I don’t have to. My hair is being a pill, but I luckily have the world’s most determine hair stylist ever. I’ll post about my epic journey once I’ve reached the destination.


This Outfit:
Jacket – Unknown (thrifted)
Shirt – Forever 21 (similar)
Skirt – Old Navy (old)
Shoes – Seychelles (exact)
Purse – Olivia + Joy (exact)
Belt – Unknown (thrifted)