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Hair Diaries: Purple Locks





So, I have purple hair now! This is the latest development in my life and I am thoroughly enjoying it to the fullest. Except for the part where my shower turns purple whenever I wash my hair, I’m super loving it. I still sit in shock whenever I’m outside and catch my reflection in the mirror. While the purple isn’t alarming bright, it’s totally noticeable. Alternatively, it looks like it’s still its normal brown self indoors. My wonderful boyfriend’s talented sister, Megan at Visible Changes in Lodi, is to thank for my violet locks! She even took the time to teach me how to put my hair in bow! My hair looks like my logo now! *twirls* It’s the simple things in life, really.

We did run into a few issues with my hair, though. It’s very important for anyone going into a salon for any reason to be open with your hairstylist about your hair history, ESPECIALLY when you’re having your hair dyed. My previous dye job was done at home using a box dye in Blue Black. A lot of the dye was still in the hair and I failed to communicate with Megan exactly what I had put in my hair (down to the brand, which I later found out had metallics in it) and my hair ended up having a weird reaction to one of the dyes she put in. A lot of people who do box dye and later have their hair professionally done will blame their stylists when the color comes out odd or their hair reacts terribly. Your stylist is not psychic and cannot pick up strands of your hair and determine it’s history. Luckily, the odd reactions my hair had didn’t look awful or anything, just tinted the purple weirdly.

Despite the fact that my hair color isn’t one found naturally, it feels natural on my head. As if I was always meant to be partially purple. I couldn’t be happier! Yay purple hair!


This Outfit:
Jacket – Forever 21 (old)
Top – Unknown (gift from family in the Philippines)
Jeans – American Rag (similar)
Shoes – Seychelles (exact)