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Looted: Hautelook Review




About three months ago, I placed my first and, so far only, order on on some discounted Urban Decay makeup. For those of you not familiar with Hautelook, they are a free member’s only site that gives people access to discounted designer items. I don’t really remember how I got turned onto them in the first place, but it was more than likely due to designer I liked being really cheap on their site. Kinda of like how I was drawn to buying all this Urban Decay goodness. The eyeliners and shadows I bought were only going for about $5, and the glitter liners were going for about $8. Kristen and I took a chance and got excited and went for it.

A month later, I still didn’t have my products.

So, like any concerned person, I reviewed my order ticket and chatted online with one of their representatives. This is probably one of those moments where doing a little more research and reading the fine print would have been ideal. I didn’t know that sites like this take nearly two months to get their products out to you because you have to wait for third parties and all sorts of hoops to be seemingly jumped to get your products. Even then, you aren’t guaranteed that you’ll even get the products you order! However, this also does have dependency on the company providing the products as well, not just Hautelook. Poor Kristen, her one item that she ordered was the only piece that didn’t come in and “ran out” even though it was another week or so before it disappeared off their page on the site. Additionally, I was pretty disappointed with the glitter liners. I tried to use them last month when I had my first club experience and it barely applied any glitter to my eyelid.

Having never placed an order with sites like Hautelook before and never having read or heard the experiences of others for sites like these, I went in expecting a normal shopping experience. Months later, I’m still not sure if I’ll ever place an order again with the site, but I know that if I do I won’t place an order or anything I have my heart set on getting by a certain date or even at all. I’ll probably just save of the extra money and buy it from a normal store.

Don’t let my stand alone experience dissuade you from purchasing something from these guys. Have you ordered through a site like theirs? What was your experience like and what did you get?