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Looted: Unboxing June Loot Crate









Transformers 4 releases today you guys! So how fitting is it that Loot Crate‘s June box is themed Transform?! To celebrate the release of the movie, I’m rocking the Marty McPrime shirt that came out in this month’s box. I’ll be saving those Warheads for when I see the movie. Also, I just had to take a photo next to my boyfriend’s Corvette (thanks Mike!) for at least one photo. Not quite a DeLorean time machine or an Autobot, but still sexy to me.

This month’s Loot Crate unboxing features a Looter’s exclusive Marty McPrime shirt, a Transformer blind box from The Loyal Subjects (I got Soundwave), a HEXBUG Nano Transformer (Optimus Prime), a Decepticons sticker from The Loyal Subjects (that will be on my car very soon), a few Warheads, an MLG wrist sweat band and MLG team support stickers, this month’s button, MLG join codes, and this month’s Loot Crate magazine.

I’m actually really glad that they brought back the magazine. I was pretty bummed last month when I dug for the bottom of the box and came up ended handed in my search for it. Definitely read their featured article on Transformers, if you haven’t already. I’m still undecided as to whether or not I’ll be taking my HEXBUG out of the package or not. It was pulled out of the box and, with this face -> O_O, I whispered to myself, “you shall be protected forever, my precious.” I ended up creeping myself out.

Thanks for the MLG codes, Loot Crate! I had heard about MLG in the past and had contemplated possibly joining them now that I have these sweet codes. Still in the process of looking further into the program. I’m more of the minor minor league gamer type. For example, if this were hockey I MIGHT get accepted into the ECHL. Maybe. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of the second half of Tomb Raider with my sweet new wrist sweat band while Soundwave watches from my collection shelf.

What did you get in your Loot Crate this month? If you reviewed this box too, let me know so I can check it out! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch Beastwars on Netflix and get my 90s on (judge me all you want but I loved Transformers Generation 2).


This Outfit:
Shirt – Loot Crate
Jeans – Lucky Brand (thrifted, similar)
Shoes – Seychelles (exact)
Purse – ModCloth (exact; one left today!)
Sunglasses – Target (exact)
Belt – Unknown (thrifted)

PS: Thank you to those of you who have been commenting on my posts as of late. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize my Disqus plugin was in need of an update and didn’t see any of them until today. Problem solved, though, so yay!