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Geek Chic: Sailor Dresses and Regal Puppies














Saturday afternoon lunch is always best spent with close friends. Especially when said lunch means also having fun photoshoots and trying out new pastries!

This was such a fun day! The weather was perfect for photos and for food. My friend Sheena, from Ugly Duckling, and I spent most of the morning shooting pictures for her blog at my apartment and headed across the street for a quick lunch break at Penne Bakery. Afterward, we headed back and burnt through the last of my camera battery to finish up her shoot. You can read about her experience with the shoot here. It was her first time doing a shoot and was pretty nervous about it, but I think she did great once she loosened up a bit. I think the pictures above are a great testament to that. It probably also helped that we had full and happy tummies!

I think we both overly excited for her shirt, but I mean… how can you not be?! IT’S A PUPPY WEARING A MONOCLE AND A TOPHAT! He’s so adorable! She even had one of a bunny wearing a glam collar. A tip of the hat to you, Lane Bryant, for shirts of win.


My Outfit:
Dress – Forever 21 (old, similar style)
Shoes – Target (old, similar)
Wristlet – Coach (old, similar style)
Sunglasses – Unknown (gift from Kristen)

Sheena’s Outfit:
Shirt – Lane Bryant (old, similar)
Jeans – Lane Bryant (old, similar)
Shoes – Payless (old)
Purse – Target (old)
Glasses – Juicy Couture
Earrings – Claire’s (old)