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Looted: Unboxing May Lootcrate









I got a shirt! The graphic designer in me experienced much pleasing of the typography Link design for the Describing the Legend shirt. Since having put on a little happy weight over the last few months, I was concerned that the shirt sizing I had previously given Lootcrate and failed to updated would result in this fantabulous shirt not fitting me right. (Most sites automatically send baby doll style shirts to women that don’t necessary flatter the figure). I was so excited when I put it on it fit perfectly and even more so after washing it and having it fit just the same! Points to Lootcrate for giving me a nerd shirt I don’t feel self-conscious in!

Along with this sick ass shirt, I also got a The Friend Zone soundtrack loaded with 8-bit jammie goodness that currently pumps me up for my morning rides to work. I haven’t had a chance to check out the show yet, but they’ve really peaked my interest since playing the soundtrack over and over for weeks.

Adding to my figurine collection is this sweet Adventure Time Tin Marceline collectable from Funko that I know is going to look great on my shelf next to my Funko Pop! one. I’ve already done a revamp of my keyring to house my Dangerous to Go Alone bottle opener keychain and Minecraft Hanger sword keychain. The pins from this month and last month are currently on a shelf awaiting a permanent home when I have one for them. The sticker sheets and tattoos were a little confusing. Not familiar with where they come from and haven’t quite figured out when I’m going to use them. I think more 8-bit and cartoon centric stickers and tattoos might have been more appropriate for the theme they were going for this month, but I like the love they’re trying to send the companies with these. If you’re a huge fan of Maker, Markiplier and Polaris, these are definitely for you.

June’s Lootcrate is supposed to be themed Transform, so I’m really curious to see what ends up in my box! All I know is I get another nerd shirt and I’m tickled to pieces.

Disclaimer: I was not endorsed by Lootcrate to write this post. These thoughts are of my own and the box was paid out of my own pocket.