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Geek Chic: Cruella de Vil






This is the last time you’ll see me with this pretty accidental ombre hair. I finally got my hair dyed last night after an exhausting and stressful day, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ll be posting the photos of my hair on my blog, but you can see and like it on Megan’s Facebook later here and my purple hair here. I will say this, as pretty as my hair looks in these photos, I don’t miss it. I’ve got this really cool mermaid look happening and I think I’m going to stick with that. For now. 🙂

It’s always great when an outfit just kinda throws itself together. While I had originally purchased this vest specifically to put together a geek chic Cruella de Vil outfit, I still wasn’t 100% sure what I was going to pair it with. When I got home, I ran to the closet and this dress was waiting for me like a pretty present at Christmas. The look is a little more danty than what the older, more elegantly dressed Cruella would normally wear, but I like to image this being close to what a younger Cruella would rock (but, you know, with way less fur involved). This won’t be the last you’ll see of this vest. If it’s possible to be in love with a vest, then I am head over heavy heals!

Just knowing that I was rocking an outfit inspired by such an evil character made me feel a little maniacal and conniving, but there’s no way I could be as evil as Cruella was. She’s up there with the hunter that shot Bambi’s mother. Looking back on the 101 Dalmations film, I realize now just how manic she was about wanting to wear fur. She was willing to kill baby animals and just drape them all over her skin because she had a weird obsession for it. I have a hard time with fur, even if it’s fake. I own one cropped jacket that is black with faux fur all over it that I wore two New Year’s Eves ago and, while I felt like a pretty princess in it at the time, I have a hard time putting it to use now. Faux fur just feels like we’re mocking the animals. I kinda feel that way about wearing animal print sometimes, too. It will be a very rare and specific occasion if you ever see me dawn animal print anything.

Damnit, my want of a furry family is growing rapidly. I need a dog, stat.


This Outfit:
Vest – Target (exact)
Dress – Forever 21 (almost exact)
Belt – Forever 21 (old)
Necklace – Unknown (thrifted)
Shoes – Seychelles (exact)
Watch – ThinkGeek (exact)
Sunglasses – Target (old; similar)