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Hair Dairies: Mermaid Hair




I love my new hair. I love my new hair as much as I love this typographic Link shirt that I got in my May Loot Crate. I’ve worn it a few times since getting it, but never managed to remember to get a photo. I remembered finally! And it looks so great with my new blue hair of win. You can’t tell in photos, and I haven’t yet managed to get close to the hair enough to get the details, but my hair was dyed blue and came out teal, sea green, blue and navy at the ends. It’s pretty much the best thing ever. I love it so much more than having the straight blue I had originally wanted back in this post. My hair has so much more dimension in it, most of it being thanks to the way the purple settled and my hair took the bleach in the first go-round. I love it when my hair has dimension like this rather than being a flat color. I feel like it gives my hair more character overall. It looks so magical! And shiny. My hair is so shiny and smooth right now. Megan obviously used magic on my hair and I am ok with that. Check out the before and after picture below. I really quite like how these photos came out. My hair matches Link and that’s really enough to make up for how terrible this week went for me. Thank God it’s the freakin’ weekend, cuz I’m about to have me some fun, son.


This Outfit:
Shirt – Loot Crate (exact)
Jeans – Indigo Rein
Shoes – Target (old)
Purse – Olivia + Joy (exact in black)
Sunglasses – Target (exact)