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Hair Diaries: Black & Blue Inspiration


One // Two // Three // Four

I did it! My appointment is for next Wednesday afternoon and I can’t wait to get my hair done! Just a few short months ago, I went from my natural and comfort color of darkest brown to a purple ombre. I loved it! I’ve been wanting to put purple in my hair since I got my little streak several years back, but knew a whole head was going to be too much upkeep for me to deal with. Meeting myself in the middle with a colored ombre was most ideal.

Megan will be going in and doing a blue back on the top half where my original natural hair color is and going over the bleached areas with a nice royal blue for a sweet blue black ombre effect. Since we figured out what we were doing a few weeks ago, I’ve been scouring Pinterest for the best ideas and thought I’d share the pretty photos with you guys! I’d love to get to #4’s look. I guess we’ll see what comes out! Let the adventure begin!

Have you put color into your hair before? What were the colors you did? Let me know your color stories!