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Nerd Cave: Loot This Science Kitchen


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Looking for the perfect products to create your science themed kitchen? Look no further! I’ve put together a clean set of tools you’ll want in your home lab!

Erlenmeyer Flasks and test tubes are the perfect containers to keep your cooking liquids and spices on your shelves. These items were built to keep things contained and fresh. Not good with the metric system? A lot of the pieces designed for the home will have the oz. and cup equivalents.

For parties, look toward Think Geek’s Chemist’s Cocktail Set for a fun new way to do shots with your friends. Add a little dry ice for a smokey effect. Give your guests something to look forward to during dinner as you work your way through the lasagna dish to see the period table etch into the bottom of GoneGirly’s laser engraved Pyrex with lid. End the evening with a round of coffee, allowing everyone to pour their sugar in with Milk & Hone Luxuries’ stamped Sucrose molecule spoon.

Amazon, Think Geek, Williams-Sonoma and Etsy have a lot of great products both custom and mass-produced that would be perfect additions to your home. If you’re looking for older pieces, then you should definitely check out sites like ebay or School Outfitters to find lab stools and more. Old lab stools can be easily cleaned and polished to make them look like new or accentuate their imperfections.

Have a favorite science-themed piece you think should be known about? Leave my a comment down below with a link!