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Nerd Cave: Loot This Storybook Home


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Your home can be turned into a storybook-inspired home really easily and for not a whole lot of cash.

Change up your bed frame with Ikea’s LEIRVIK bed frame and decorate it with a bed net or a pretty and simple garland, like this branch and star one from Joann’s. Using a fluffy white bed set will make you feel like royalty every time you wake up. I love Uncommonly Goods’ Cardboard Unicorn Head! It makes for such a good conversational piece and looks awesome against colored walls. Show off your love of books and enhance your collection with some book pillows. ThinkGeek has these fluff blocks, one of them being a stay-open book of Alice in Wonderland.

Another element that is common in fairytales is that everyone has tea time. I’m a huge fan of tea, teacups and mugs. I have more drinking paraphernalia than plates and bowls combined. If you’re looking to grow your teacup/mug collection, visit your local thrift/vintage shops. The bigger the variety, the better. Etsy also has a huge search result for teacups and quite a few mixed style sets for sale. Many times, thrift stores will sell a complete china collection of plates, bowls, saucers and teacups for 6+ people.

With a little elbow grease and a lot of imagination, you can really do a lot to add that feeling of having stepped into a book. Kate from Kate’s Creative Space showed us how we can take doors meant for dollhouses and turn them into in-wall homes of elves, fairies, and mice alike. I can’t wait until I move into my new place and see how long it’ll take people to notice the little dwelling!

What other type of storybook-inspired piece would you add into your home? Leave me a comment below with a link!