Crafty Witch

NaNoWriMo – Day 15


I’m not going to lie, I greatly underestimated the hours I would have available to work on my story this year, but that’s ok.

For all you WriMo’s out there, today is a huge marker in the challenge: we’re all at the half-way point. By now, your word counts should be at 25,000 words. I’m only about 24k words behind. No big. *sweat drop*

Looking at this drastic difference in count, I know what I’ll need to do is serious planning to keep me moving forward. If you’re behind like I am, the best suggestion I can give you is to take a step back, think a little ahead about what you’re planning to write, and give yourself a clear path. This will help keep you focus and, in turn, get caught up on your word count.

But what if you’re stumped on a part and need ideas for your story? Maybe that’s why you’ve lost words and fallen behind? I would highly suggest checking out the Adoption Society. It’s a great place to swoop in on ideas unused given out to everyone to grab. Be curteous, though, and try to leave so ideas for others to use as well. To help yourself get in the group, stop by the NaNo Soundtracks forum page for some sweet tunes to write to. If you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, participate in one of the Word Wars, Prompts, & Sprints challenges. Open up in the forums; there are hundreds of thousands of people in the same boat as you and everyone is there to support each other.

What word count are you at? What story are you working on? Let me know in the comments below! Good luck, everyone!