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What’s in My Bag?


I carry so much crap in my purses that I’m constantly surprised I don’t have super toned arms and walk around lopsided by now. To my defense, I really do need all of this stuff on a daily basis. I essentially work three jobs: my day job, my blog and my coming-soon store. When you’re pulled in that many directions, your life begins to require a lot of things.

This is my Purse of All That is Needed, and is used the most of all my purses. I got the Get the Geolo-gist? Bag from the mystical, magical place that is ModCloth and utilized their online stylist chat feature to decide between this bag of awesomeness and some other bag, and I can’t tell you how happy I am that they helped me decide on this one.

There are deep pockets on every side that have had tissues, gloves, umbrellas, phones, and more in them. The front pocket has a zipper to keep everything from falling out, is deep enough for me to keep my makeup and/or makeup bag in it, with elastic-top pockets for pens, post-its, you name it. The top of the zipper bag has this fun little semi-hidden pocket that, no joke, fits my work phone. I’m rocking a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with an Otterbox case and that pocket takes it like a champ. The inside transforms into Mary Poppins bag and fits more crap than I could possibly need to carry but do anyways. And it was only $64.99! I’ve seen work totes and other handbags, but they don’t hold a candle to this baby. Alternatively, I can image a mom making great use of the space this bag has for a little one.

My Case Logic Compact Portable Hard Drive Storage Case holds the only things I truly love and care for in life. Just, you know, don’t tell the people I’m supposed to love and care for in life about this. *shifty eyes* Cases like this one keep your SD cards, flash drives and external storage all in one convenient place instead of digging for hours at the bottom of your purse for tiny little flash drives. My portable HDD and case are older, so always double check that what you’re getting will hold what you’ve got.

When you rock a big purse, you gotta have a wristlet. I love my Coach wristlets because they always have enough space to hold everything I need to run out to lunch with: lip gloss, cards, cash, and keys. I used to shove my iPhones into my wristlets when I had one a few years back.

Of course, I have to include my makeup bag. I recently switched my beauty box subscription to Ipsy and have been enjoying their makeup bags (September’s still my fav). They oddly hold my makeup better than any of my other makeup cases have before. All of my items are really varied in shape and size, so being able to hold my daily basics is important.

I have your average selection of loose items. My Toshiba Thrive is a bit of an old bird tablet, but she’s still my favorite. It was the first tablet to have USB, Micro USB, SD and HDMI plugs on it. When I’m not on my tablet, I’m catchin them all or working on Mama’s recipes on my Nintendo DS Lite. I always carry a few bags of tea with me between here and the office, and since getting sick recently, I also have some Emergen-C on me, too. Having a few snacks on you is always important. Gotta keep that energy up between all those Hobbit meals, yo. A few spare bobby pins and hair bands are a must, as is a small bottle of Nourish Organic Deeply Nourishing Coconut & Argon Body Lotion. I recently got into this brand through Ipsy and I’m in love with everything they make. Lastly, a pair of sweet sunglasses completes the set and I’m out the door on another adventure.

What’s in your purse/bag/backpack? I’d love to see your posts or pictures!