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Geek Chic: Fancy New Tie from Black Tie Geek




Yesterday was just one of those days where nothing was going to go right and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I left the house SUPER stoked about getting all fancy for my new Black Tie Geek from this month’s Loot Crate box. Had my makeup all done nice and pretty, and even made it down the stairs without falter. Get in my car, realize it is now 8:01a and I am going to be super late for work. I end up behind a truck 2 blocks away from my work that extends my lateness by 3 minutes. I get to work and realize I’ve forgotten my badge. I try to adjust my bun at my desk and then the hair tie snaps. I place an order with Kate Spade during my break and accidentally place 2 separate orders on a clearance item instead of one (which they were able to fix, luckily). I go to use the bathroom and realize the waistband on my pants has a giant hole in it from the waist band seam falling apart from the pants themselves and you can now see my white shirt that’s tucked into my waist band. After Kristen generously took these pictures for me at a different break period, I realized that my sweater was, in fact, longer than my jacket than previously thought (but whatever because it’s freaking freezing right now). The padding nail at the base of one of these heels fell out before the end of the work day. And I ran my toes dead straight on into the legs of my coffee table when trying to get my shoes on that night. There were a few other misgivings that I didn’t include which were work related and involving a twice-failed Chipotle order.

It was truly one of those days where sometimes you just have to give up and lay down in defeat. The best part of the night was getting my recently created Jedi Knight in Star Wars: The Old Republic to her second planet and managing to not do one evil thing. It’s strange how trying to make a good character stay good is so difficult. Now, I kind of miss playing as my Bounty Hunter.

This Outfit:
Jacket – Ambiance
Sweater – Target (old)
Shirt – GAP (similar)
Tie – Black Tie Geek via Loot Crate
Tie bar –  Borrowed from Mike
Pants – Target (old)
Shoes – ShoeDazzle (old)
Purse – ThinkGeek
Sunglasses – Loot Crate