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Geek Chic: Workout Wears



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Working out is hard, you guys. It’s so much work, I really don’t like sweating, and workout clothing and shoes. Sometimes, I just look at workout wears and get tired.

Luckily, I managed to find some neat geek chic workout wears at Look Human and ThinkGeek! Racerback tanks are always great because they’re light enough shirts to not overheat your body and look cute with a fun colored or plain black sports bra. Have a nerd shirt of your own that you’re willing to cut up? There are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest that can help you out.

A lot of women I know prefer to use cropped leggings or shorts when working out. I’m not going to lie to you on this: I don’t shave my legs everyday, so the more pants the better. Yoga pants are the best. I’m not fighting the waist band to stay up and the material is light and loose enough for me to move freely. ThinkGeek has some really adorable gamer and Sci-Fi-centric yoga pants for a low cost. Plus, purchases made with ThinkGeek earn you points that can be redeemed for other in-store goodies!

Can we talk about this amazing sports bra that I found on ThinkGeek’s site, too? It’s a smart bra and available as a shirt as well. It syncs up via bluetooth to your mobile device to track the exercise you do. Look into this, achievement hunters and statistic lovers alike! The info that is projected seems really awesome. According to the site, the bra runs really small so don’t let your feelings get hurt if you have to buy a large size when you’re normal in smalls.

What do you normally put on when you work out? Right now, I’m using an old shirt that I got for The Office years ago and a Taz shirt I found at Target last summer with some black yoga pants I got way back in the day from Victoria’s Secret. I really need new workout wears, ha ha!