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Nerd Cave: Harry Potter-Inspired Living Room


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In this month’s Nerd Cave series, I’m showing you guys my Harry Potter-inspired Living Room ideas. I love having non-discrete elements in my home that remind me of geeky things without necessarily being from the specific franchises. It’s like having a little secret for me. Especially with a lot of pieces like these, because it makes me feel far more immersed in the Potterverse than I might with something that blanantly says “Harry Potter”.

Harry Potter will always have a strong hold on my heart. Still having a fairly blank slate of a living room to work with, my mind has been stewing and brewing with ideas of how to incorporate little elements into to make it feel a little more Diagon Alley and a little less real Muggle World struggles.


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Though a lot of this can’t be done in my current living space due to the fact that it’s a rented apartment, I’m keeping these ideas close to my heart for the day I can walk into my own owned space and decorate the hell out of it. I love the exploded skulls and articulated skeletons so much. I originally became fascinated with them after watching a few episodes of Oddities on SyFy. I’m very much a black and white interior design kind of gal, loving how small pieces of color stand out so much more. You can most definitely create these looks with more woodsy, country, and brass design styles.

You can check out these ideas and more that I’ve Pinned on my Home Sweet Home board on Pinterest. If you see a number on here that you’d like a little more information of, or where you can find that item or similar, let me know in the comments below and I’ll help you out!

Sometimes, I like to think that Snape and I could have been decent roomies. Just sayin’.