Looted: Unboxing February Loot Crate


I got my Loot Crate and it’s absolutely awesome! I have to say that this is probably the best I’ve had to date. In this post, I’m unboxing the February Loot Crate “Play” box. I’ve had my subscription since this past April and it’s only getting better! Interested in getting a subscription yourself? Click here to sign up! I’m currently on the monthly plan at $19.95/month (with shipping included), but they have other payment plan options available including a one-year plan that basically gives you a box for free.

This month’s box was called “Play” and themed for playing games of all kinds. The wonderful people at Loot Crate even turned the box into a board game! I get just as excited to see the designs in the box as I do seeing the goodies I’ve received that month. The really took it to the next level, too (pun totally intended).

What I got:

  • A copy of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline – I was extremely excited about this because its been on my reading and to-buy list for several months AND it’s a FULL COPY! *high fives Loot Crate* I’m already planning on making this my March read.
  • Munny World 7″ Munny in white with 3 wipeable markers – I’m pretty stoked about this because I already have a Munny from years ago that has been a sleezy record label producer forever and I’ve always wished it was washable. The fact that I can change this little guy to be whatever I want, whenever I want is pretty exciting. I’ve already got a line for people taking turns!
  • Hexbug Ant in orange – I always giggle a little bit when I get anything involving bugs or insects because my day job deals with them. Hexbugs are such great little toys! I’m contemplating getting a track for the few that I have to run on.
  • A playable starter deck of Superfight – *fist pumps all over the room* YES YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE EXCITEMENT I HAVE INSIDE! I’ve been watching SourceFed Plays videos for a long time with them playing this and wanting a deck. Every time I go to buy they’re sold out of the starters. While this isn’t the actual starter, it’s definitely enough to help me get my friends into the game.
  • PacMan print by Manny Peters – I’m a little sad that my poster got a bit bent in shipping, but that’s ok. I’m flattening it out right now and shopping for a new picture frame.
  • Code for a Firefly Online in-game Assault Riffle – I wasn’t even aware that there was a Firefly game until this box. Apparently, it’s a multi-user strategic role-playing online game based off the Firefly universe, and this code is a special weapon. If you are on iOS, Android or Steam, you can play this game. I’ve already got it downloaded on my phone for initial testing and will be loading it up on my PC tonight.
  • Set of dice in a velvet bag – They’re Rock-Paper-Scissors dice! I’m so excited for the next time I need these. This is the method Mike and I use for all chores and dinner decisions. This will prevent us from learning each other’s patterns and really leave it up to chance!
  • Loot Crate box magazine – The back of the magazine has punch out pieces to use for the box board game. I’m holding onto my box this time around so I can actually test it out. I love board games! I haven’t had a chance yet to really dive into this box’s magazine, but it looks like a good read.
  • Loot Crate “Play” pin

Have you signed up for Loot Crate’s monthly subscription? What came in your box? Also, I’ve been contemplating doing some giveaways of some past items I’ve received that are unopened, unused. Would you guys be interested in the giveaways? Let me know! I love reading your comments!