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Life of a Bridesmaid: Megan’s Bridal Shower







Seriously, how adorable is this set up? Melissa, the Maid of Honor, put together a lovely bridal shower for Megan a couple of weekends ago. We played a game where we tried to guess Megan’s age in photographs and a game where we were challenged on how well we knew the bride. I was busy running around taking photos, but I know if I had played I would have gotten 3 right on the second game! I even got to see a photo of her and Mike together when they were wee little ones playing with green army men together. It was adorable! Their aunt’s house was filled to the brim with family and friends, and the presents table was overflowing with gifts! Megan walked home with almost everything from her registry, including 3 of the same breakfast grill! Gotta love it when the registry doesn’t update.






And the treats! Oh the treats! Alongside my slowly-becoming-famous cheesecake cupcakes and Rachel’s best-in-the-world homemade Rice Crispy Treats, Melissa had also provided grapes, crackers and cheese, lemon bundt cake and the cutest cupcakes ever! It was such a fun party.

Have you ever had or have been to a bridal shower or wedding shower? The last one I went to was the wedding shower for Josh and Chelsea last June. I’m sure I went to tons with my mom when I was younger, but there’s no way I’d be able to remember them these days. For girls, would you rather have a bridal shower or a wedding shower? Wedding showers seem to be more for both the bride and the groom. As a guy, would you be down to share the spotlight with your lady at the wedding shower? Are you sad that groom showers don’t exist? LET ME KNOW! I love ready your comments!