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You probably remember me talking about getting healthy and working out some time ago. It did not work out well and I quit super easily and quickly. BUT NOT THIS TIME!

I have managed to get my lazy butt to the gym four full days last week, and I’m heading back in this afternoon! I’m so proud of myself, you guys! I haven’t worked out at a gym like this in about ten years and, I gotta tell you, it feels great!

My main focus is to take it slowly for right now. I know that pushing myself too hard in the past and getting impatient with my progress has kept me from achieving my goals, and I would really like for that to not happen this time around. I’m starting out with cardio (which I learned is just running/walking) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and doing cardio + strength (where I focus on muscle equipment) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Saturdays will be left to either a shit ton of chores or 30 minutes of at-home core exercises (otherwise known as working out the abs area).

I recently got my gym membership with a Fitness Evolution location that opened up not to long ago here in town. I signed up for their premium membership, which gives me access to all their locations, plus their tanning and message areas! The gym isn’t very big, but it’s still a great deal for only $15 a month.

How do you guys stay active? Any fitness gamers out there? Tell what games you’re doing, because I would love some recommendations for the weekends!