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Goodbye March, Hello April







I’m really glad March is over you guys, but I know that April isn’t going to be a walk in the park either. It was a real sad month, and this month’s happiness might be overshadowed by all of that. Without going too far into details, Mike’s dad passed away last week. His sister, who’s wedding I’m in, will be taking place next Saturday. The family has gone through a lot, but it’s beautiful how they have been together and there for each other. Please keep them in your thoughts or prayers as they try and get through this really difficult time. Also, take this time to let the people you know around you that you love them and appreciate their existence in this world. I try to remember to tell all of my loved ones as much as possible, because I’ve learned the hard way that you never know when you can lose them. I would like to express to all you that I love you guys and am so glad that you exist.

On a lighter note, I spent the rest of my time this month on a weird crafting kick. I’ve been experimenting more with granny square patterns (unsuccessfully) and trying to finish up my scrapbooks for Project Life 2014, my trip to the Philippines back in 2013, attending Comic-Con 2012, Christmas 2013 in Disneyland, and our last Christmas with Grandma in 2012. I’ve all the pictures printed for the first three with most of the pages already filled with the base design cards in the PL2014 album. Once I’m done with those I’ll be moving onto the Christmas albums.

I’m also waiting for a free weekend to start on my next project: dip dye ombre pillow cases! The bed has now been adorned with brand new sheets (exact) and a comforter set (exact), and I’m itching to spread the blue, green and ivory color scheme all over the house! Starting with redoing the pillows with new cases to replace the ones I made last year (see this post). I eventually would like to make a faux flower centerpiece for the dining table which I already have most of the parts for, the placemats, and get some curtains in the rooms handmade from some basic muslim cloth.

On games news, I’ve had to put the series I was beginning to record on pause to deal with everything. I just downloaded Sims 4: Get to Work and I’m really stoked to put this into the series. Mike got us Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel to play and have been making pretty good headway in those storylines. I’ve gotten really comfortable with first-person shooters as a result, which is super awesome! The next game I want to check out is Life is Strange. I’ve been watching a lot of game play for it and I think the concept of the game is really cool.

Well, I now have to do a spot of shopping with a friend. Are you planning any crafts for April? What are your plans for spring break or Easter? See ya next time!