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Her Universe & Hot Topic bring us adorable new Marvel clothes!

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The geek chic universe is a blazed with the happy news of Her Universe teaming up with Hot Topic for a special line of Marvel character inspired clothing from winning designers of the Her Universe and Hot Topic fashion show that was held at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con! The line features 4 dresses inspired by Captain America, Thor, Loki and Black Widow, as well as two jackets inspired by Black Widow and Iron Man. Right now, Hot Topic is taking pre-orders for the line’s release on May 12.

I absolutely love the retro look of all the designs! More so, I’m loving the Black Widow and Loki dresses like it’s nobody’s business. I could definitely see myself rocking the Black Widow dress at work or a night out with friends, or even at a formal event. It’s very subtle but so obvious when you realize what it’s supposed to be, and I’m all about that approach in my style! The Loki dress is just so darling and I can’t get over that patterned trim at the base of the skirt. Who doesn’t love green and gold together?!

These adorable designs will likely sell out fast, so head over to Hot Topic and get your pre-order in now! I learned this the hard way with the Cinderella clothing line. 🙁

Which piece would you love to take home? Is there a hero you wish would have been featured? I’m a little sad that Hulky didn’t get any love. Purple and green together is my jam!