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Captain’s Log: Four Days in Disneyland – Day 1



Mike and I made the crazy mistake of staying up all night and then driving down at 2am on a Wednesday morning to Anaheim to meet up with his family for the annual fam-bam vacation and Disneyland’s 60th anniversary week a few weeks ago. Our trip was from May 20th to May 24th, and we loved every moment of it!



When we first got there, we headed straight for California Adventure to meet up with the fam-bam.We then realized I bore a striking resemblance to the Grizzly River Run ride’s giant mascot. After a quick hop onto Soarin’ Over California with the use of Fast Passes, we wove around the park until finally making our way to lunch at Fairfax Market! And yes, I totally got a loaf of the Sourdough bread. Came in handy when I realized the bread for the sandwiches were hard as rocks and managed to swap ’em out.

After a run in with a panic attack, Mike and I made our way over to Disneyland to meet up with his best friend, Brandon, and his wife Linsey, for fun times on rides (-_-) and dinner reservations at the Blue Bayou (^_^!). We went on Splash Mountain first, which is one of the rides I hate the most there. The drop is too much for me to handle and I spent the whole ride leading up to it just bitter and angry. Additionally, they somehow made the ride make you more wet, so we all came off soaked and my anxiety medication and inhaler were completely ruined somehow. We attempted air-drying on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It did not work, but it was a lot of fun trying!

On our way to dinner, I managed to find both points of entry to Club 33, something I had not attempted before, and had a quick laugh with a couple of guys coming out of the club! We got a half a second glance inside. Not enough to remember all these days later, but enough to be excited about it at the time. Guys, the Blue Bayou is a lot darker inside than I thought it would be! It was my first time dining in since my Junior year of high school. I had an amazing jambalaya dish while everyone else opted for steak. I wish I had gotten the steak. If you ever have the option for steak, always get it. While the dish was good, I had filled up so much that I couldn’t even get halfway through. We ended up forgetting to put the to-go box in the fridge that night when we got back to the hotel and the whole thing was wasted. I felt really bad because it was so good, but there was SO much to eat.

The fam-bam surprised us by popping over to Disneyland around the end of our meal. So, naturally, we tried to see how full we could fill the train at Big Thunder (almost completely, because we roll that deep). After a quick round of Astro Blaster’s in Tomorrowland and a scary circle in the sky (from them testing fireworks), we all parted ways back to the hotel room. Right before rolling out, though, Linsey and I snuck off to a store on Main Street and were able to find her Minnie Mouse hat replacement that was an exact match to the one she lost! Much excitement, so happiness.

Of course, not before stopping at a liquor store for drinks and chillin’ on the hotel deck with the boys throwing back a few before sleepy time. Yay Hilton Anaheim for being dope af!

Outfit Details:
Ewok Top: Her Universe (exact)
Leggings: JCPenney’s (similar)
Boots: Brash for Payless (similar)
Purse: ModCloth (old)
Sunglasses: Forever 21 (old)
Leather Cuff: Hot Topic (old)
Bracelets: Purchased from street fair vendor