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Captain’s Log: Four Days in Disneyland – Day 3


24-hour DISNEYLAND DAY FTW! This is the day I had been looking forward to since we decided to take this trip! Unlike some of the die-hards, including the fam-bam, we did not stay up and watch the sunrise from the line to get into Disneyland. Instead, we slept an extra few hours, joined Brandon and Linsey for breakfast, then moseyed on over to the park. We got inside in minutes. No big.




Can we take a moment to appreciate how awesome this shot is? I did not think I was actually going to get it and then I did and now I feel great inside.


Disney2015_03_049I would like to first state that I did get photos of my outfit, but my camera would not stop switching to fisheye lens mode and so those photos will not be making an appearance anywhere. Sorry guys. I’m including the details below though incase anyone is interested in our Lady and the Tramp character inspired outfits!

We started out with riding the Matterhorn for the first time that whole trip, and the first time since last year. Keep in mind that we were not aware of what changes had been made to the ride, only that it has been worked on. Every single one of us came off that ride stoked that we all got scared at the surprising new parts! It solidified further it’s spot in my top three absolutely favorite rides forever. After finishing our way around what we could get onto in Fantasyland, we fought for our lives through the dense crowd to Pirates of the Caribbean ride, where will filled the entire boat with one random couple and weighed it down so much it inched along through the whole ride. It was great! I’ve never rolled with a group that big where we filled so much of a large capacity ride, except for Big Thunder, and even then I don’t think we had that few of strangers that we rode with.

We took a small break after riding a few more rides to have a memorial moment in honor of Mike’s dad, the original Mouseketeer in the family, and rode on the Mark Twain for him. The ride was spent in a peaceful quiet and was a wonderful moment for the whole group.

After a lunch/dinner in Frontierland, we all made our way back to Main Street to fight the crowd once again for a decent spot to watch the parade and the fireworks. Though I didn’t get too many good shots of the parade, it was still one of the coolest things I’ve seen since the Electrical Parade, which will always be my favorite of all the parades in all the lands. You guys did an amazing job! I hadn’t even realized that I got a shot of fireworks that look like a mouse head until I went back through my photos when we got back. How neat is that!

Disneyland to me is as pretty at night as it is during the day, only my anxieties are lessened drastically because I can’t see how many people are actually around me and I feel better because of it. Disneyland that night was pretty calm in comparison to the rest of the day. As I had predicted, many of the patrons gave up around the end of the parade and headed out, leaving the wait in lines to dwindle down from 30 minutes to 5 minutes between midnight and 3a. It was amazing! We got to ride everything we wanted to a few times each. We finally made it back to the hotel at 3:30a to wind down, throw a couple back and call it a night.

Outfit Details – Tramp:
Hoodie – H&M (exact)
Shirt – Mossimo (old)
Shorts – Volcom (old)
Shoes – Nike (old, similar)

Outfit Details – Lady:
Cardigan – Unknown (thrifted)
Shirt – Forever 21 (old)
Tank – Mossimo (old)
Pants – H&M (similar)
Shoes – Old Navy (old, photo)
Necklace – thrifted
Sunglasses – Forever 21 (old)