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Geek Chic: My first pair of Warby Parker glasses



Half way through my trip to Disneyland my vision went bad. Like, hold-my-phone-down-at-arms-length bad. It scared the crap out of me. All of sudden I was struggling with labels, menus, reading anything on my phone, anything that had to be held up close to my face. I’ve had 28 years of basically perfect vision, and in a day it left me. My vision came back over the week following my return, but that didn’t stop my concerns over the quick change. Since I was forced to take two days off to recover from a cold, I figured that was the perfect time to squeeze in an eye appointment and check my vision. It had been a few years since my last one, so I was overdue anyways.

The optometrist that help me was a kind man, very gentle in nature. He measured things with a machine that blew air into my eyes and shined lights into them. All I could think about was “don’t get this guy sick” and “wow, they’re really upped their technology in the optometry world!” I made sure to tell him about what had happened during my trip. After starting the test, I could tell that my eyes were definitely not as strong as they used to be. I’m still not 100% sure if I was seeing a B or an S at one point.


(Seymour in Sage)

That’s when he told me I needed to get reading glasses. My prescription isn’t too bad, but it’s not available as an OTC (over-the-counter) pair that I can get at a store. I spent two weeks scouring stores all over town and next over for glasses that weren’t going to eat up my paycheck. I failed every time. If you’re wearing these bad boys all day everyday I can see why you need higher quality pairs. Mine are freakin’ readers. Readers. 

That’s when I remembered Warby Parker existed. I’ve seen tons of bloggers load up on pairs from them and even had a few friends. So, I jumped online and ordered 2 rounds of their Home Try-on pairs to try and find the elusive One. The majority of their pairs start at $95 for Single prescription frames with lenses included. Included. Meaning that I’m not going to have to fork out an additional $58 to $195 (yes, that’s the actual range) for lenses alone. It’s all included. And, as an added bonus, WP sends a pair of glasses to those in need. I didn’t even know about this until after I placed my order so yay them!

My pair will take 7-10 business days to get here, so I’m loading up on optical exercises and eye drops to settle my pretties in the meantime. Can’t wait to see what my actual pair will be like. Check out the runner-ups below!


(Left: Verne in Jet Black; right: Cass in Blue Slate Fade)


(Left: Daisy in Aurelia Tortoise; right: Clark in Blue Marblewood)