Crafty Witch

Herbology Class: Growing Super Sweet Tomatoes




Happy Friday, all! I’m so excited because I finally got a plant to produce fruit! This was also after my plants all started to die while I was on vacation (posts coming soon) and again while I was sick and wasps were invading our patio again. -_- Good news is that only my peppermint, zucchini and strawberry plants bit the dust. After some excessive watering, the strawberries have began to come back and my my red bell peppers, jalapenos and basil are starting to strive again!

More importantly though, I discovered today that my tomato plant has NINE (!!) babies growing on them! It’s honestly taking everything in me to not pluck them now and eat them. I know they’re not ready. I don’t care. I’m too excited! *dances* I’m really excited that the lessons I’ve been learning on Pinterest for tips and tricks are helping me grow as a gardener and that I’m starting to see results. To learn some tips yourself, check out my Green Thumb Magic board here. If I can get these to grow to full size, I’m going to put together a What I’ve Learned type of post together. Man, Grandma’s probably so proud of my progress!

And yes, that is my hand-painted Caterpie pot.