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Captain’s Log: Four Days in Disneyland – Day 4



Mike and I try to make a point of having one day in Disneyland for just the two of us. This way, we can dork out on our own and do all the things we love about the parks without needing a group consensus. We both had to admit that, at the end of the day, we kinda wish we had everyone with us again. It’s nice for a few hours, and then the novelty wears off a bit. Disneyland is just too much fun with a large group of people! Still, it was a wonderful way to end our stay in Anaheim.

Our character inspired outfits for the day were Pooh and Tigger. Mike is not down for this, so what you’ve seen on here is the best I’m ever really going to get. Plus, I decided on doing couples outfits far too late before leaving so we had to really stretch the imagination, haha! We tried to make it a point to ride every ride at least once and Thunder Mountain at least 3 times, because that ride is my everything.

As we were walking towards TM we noticed Rabbit was hanging out and got a photo with him! How perfect was that?! We were pretty stoked that we managed to get a photo with him. The parents of tiny children around us were confused but whatevs. Later in the evening we found the Winnie the Pooh ride, which I have never been on before. I had no idea what it even was. We jumped on because there were 6 other people in line. No joke, whoever made that ride was trippin’ out of their freakin’ minds. I’m talking acid and mushroom levels of trippin’. There was a psychedelic scene straight out of a That 70’s Show scene transition. It was hilarious and confusing.

Though the week felt like two and I felt sick almost the entire time, I’d still have done it all over again. I’m honestly trying to make a Halloween time trip happen. We’ll see if i happens or not. I can’t wait to go back again, whether it’s this year or next!


Outfit Details – Pooh:
Sweater – Splendid (thrifted)
Top – Mossimo (old)
Jeans – Mossimo (old)
Shoes – Faded Glory (exact)

Outfit Details – Tigger:
Hoodie – H&M (exact)
Shirt – Mossimo (old)
Shorts – Volcom (old)
Shoes – Nike (old, similar)








Three rides, one photo. Wud. Up.