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Geek Chic: Hair Bow Love


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The struggle is real, you guys. All the hair bows and no decisions made. I’ve been trying to make decisions for days now on which hair bows I would like to order, but I just can’t pick the three I want! Ever get so overwhelmed on options that you just shut down? Yeah, that’s where I’ve been. Geek chic hair bows are a great way to dress up a basic outfit, an everyday cosplay outfit, or show your geek side when you might not be able to do so due to dress code restrictions (ie: uniform, work dress code). Etsy has been such a great source for my hair bow shopping. Almost every fandom I love is represented there in such great forms! I can’t wait to take one of these cuties home!

What character do you think would be neat to see as a hair bow? Have you purchased a character bow on Etsy? Let me know in the comments below!