Crafty Witch

Herbology Class: First Tomato Harvest




I finally got to harvest my tomatoes! One branch has been really rocking out the tomatoes at the bottom of the plant, while another at the top has 3 more bitty babies all green! I’ve only eaten one so far. I want to drag this out as long as possible because there’s so few of them! The one I’m holding is the largest of the bunch, so you can only imagine how tiny the little ones are. This is a Super Sweet 100 Cheery Tomato plant that I got at Walmart one day and transferred into one of my Pokemon pots.

Honestly, I didn’t think any of my plants were going to bounce back from their near death experience while I was at Disneyland last month. As you can see in the photo of my tomatoes below, I got a watering bulb to drag out the watering process while I was gone and realized minutes before we headed out the door that the bulbs had dumped all the water in immediately. With no time to return and/or purchase more, I had no choice but to almost flood the dirt with water and hope for the best. When I returned, everything was drooped over and most of them were dried up and browning. I was so sad. I have spent every evening since watering the plants andย bringing them back to life. Since my last post, two of my strawberries and my peppermint plants have come back. My zucchini plant is gone. $10, outty-5000. So, having this plant produce fruit and enough for a light snack is amazing.