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5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fanfics


There are few fanfics that have come into my life where I read them and walk away feeling like my life has just been changed. The writing so well done that I feel the familiar pull into the fandom as I had when I first discovered them. I’ve strived myself to be just as good as they are but, alas, my commitment to the craft has been less than stellar. The one thing you’ll notice is that all of these are Harry Potter fanfics and are mainly Fred and Hermione pairings. I got into my OTP one day after seeing someone post a possible truth that JK Rowling had originally intended for Fred and Hermione to end up together and Ron to be killed, but later decided against and killed Fred off instead. Though I don’t believe that was JK’s train of thinking at all, it was just enough of a hook to reel me into the blackhole that is Fremione. The Books and Pranks pairing provides a passionate, entertaining and compassionate side of these two characters that we would have never seen in the books otherwise.

I’m really excited to be sharing with you the stories that I’ve found so wonderful in hopes to give you something new to read as well! Let me know in the comments below what stories you’ve found to be your favorites and if you’ve read any of the ones I’ve listed here!

1. The Price of Love – RHr, Rated M -The story follows Ron and Hermione after their 5th year at Hogwarts. Hermione has found a way for them to protect themselves from Voldemort, but it comes at a huge price: their souls. Read about Hermione and Ron’s incredible journey of love and soul bonding, and how they figure a way to cheat death. A total must read. You will not regret it. I have read this story almost as many times as I have read each book in the series, which is a lot. I originally found this fanfic on, but went to an alternate site to read the full M rated version. In my opinion, it’s so much better in it’s entire form. I’m not sure if the author still has the story linked to the additional site in her profile or not. Still a great read without the super sexy parts, though. Disclaimer: please be a responsible reader and do not read if you are not old enough to.

2. The New Mrs. Weasley – FHr, Rated T – The Weasley children all learn that they’ve been placed into arranged marriages by their parents at birth, some with means of escape and others without. With Ron unable to get out of his arranged marriage, Fred takes advantage and seeks help in the only girl he knows can get him out of his: Hermione. Fred and Hermione’s journey over the first year of their fake marriage is a story you’ll enjoy over and over. No joke, I have read this story at least once a year since it’s completion. I actually remember when this one was still updating, and have read this story as many times as The Price of Love, if not more. It’s funny, romantic, and has it’s quirky moments. I can assure you right now that, unlike many of the other arranged marriage fics in the Potter verse, this is truly of the best.

3. Part of the Pack – GHr, Rated T – George is struggling to deal with being a werewolf in a society that cares little for them. Luckily, he has Hermione on his side to help fight for the rights of werewolves to be business owners and general citizens of the Wizarding World. This is a really fun take on an additional Weasley coming up with werewolf abilities. This story came out during the time of the arranged marriages frenzy and was such a fresh breath of air. Very well written!

4. Love Means Never Having to Time Travel – FHr, Rated T –  A botched experiment by the twins lands Hermione and Fred back in time and on Hogwarts school property. Until a method can be created to send them back to their proper time, Hermione and Fred have to pose as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers. I can’t stress to you how near and dear this story is to my heart. This story and The New Mrs. Weasley were of the first Fremione fics I read and are SO well written. I absolutely loved following this journey and seeing the writer’s perspective on the Marauder’s, Lily and Snape, and I know you will too!

5. Tale as Old as Time – FHr, Rated T – Fred is up from his coma after the War and is completely convinced that Hermione is his fiancee. Unfortunately, no one can correct him on this without potentially sending him back into the coma. Hermione struggles to find the balance in helping Fred and keeping herself from falling for the eccentric, trouble-making twin. This story has one of the best conclusions I’ve read in a while. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a story that stays upbeat from beginning to end.