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5 Fandom Friday: Real life geeks that inspire me


Aureylian – This is one of my favorite YouTubers to date. She is definitely #lifegoals for me. She’s the Community Manager for Twitch and hosts her own channel, which she manages herself. Not only is she one of the coolest gamers on YouTube, but she’s also one of the coolest mom’s I know of. Did I mention she’s got two degrees? Because she’s too amazing to just have one. I love her format and her collaborations, and I hope to have the kind of channel and following she has one day.

Meg Turney – Brilliant, hilarious, talented and gorgeous. That is how I will forever describe my forever #wcw. I’ve been a fan of Meg’s since the SourceFed days and continue to follow her career with Rooster Teeth. Β Her cosplays are always on point and I would love to be as comfortable in front of a camera like she is. Her geek chic fashion has inspired me to put more of a girly, darling flare, and has introduced me to new brands I’ve grown to love. She’s definitely a style inspiration for me!

ihascupquake – Tiffy is another YouTuber that I love following online. Her and her husband, Mario (aka Red), make gaming video and unbox collectibles on their channels (ihascupquake and toyboxcollectibles) and Tiffany also does DIYs and Vlogs on her secondary channel (tiffyquake). She is hilarious and sweet! With the help of her husband and their families, Tiffany has made a mini-empire of herself, including an online store of merch in her brand name. I hope one day I’ll find myself close enough to her ranks to one day do a collab video with her and Aureylian!

Jessica Nigri – This girl is absolutely insane and I LOVE IT! Jessica gets a lot of hate for her beauty and body as a cosplayer, but not from this nerd. I know she works hard to maintain her figure, and works even harder to constantly create amazing costumes from scratch. I think it’s so amazing that she was able to turn a hobby and passion for the craft into a career. She inspires me to be more comfortable in my own skin and be as freakin’ weird as I want to.

Megan Duck – It warms my heart daily to know I have this girlie as an inspiration and a real life friend. Megan and I have known each other since high school, and I was so happy for her when she sought out her dream job working for Blizzard. Cosplayers and fans will know her as Volde. I’m in constant awe of her cosplay creations and so proud of her for achieving her dream!