Nerd Life

August Flashback


My Mom and I at Annaliza’s 18th Debut


Bethie with her sisters and sister-in-laws at her bridal shower


The first signs of fall


My interview with Being Geek Chic


Finally giving Janine her overdue birthday present

birthday1-2 copy

Kicking off my birthday weekend with Bebe and Hailey


After-dinner coffee with my forever luv, Sheena


Sushi with the lovely Sandra and the ok Janine


Experiencing breakfast in bed for the first time in my Power Ranger onesie

birthday4-1 copy

Birthday lunch with my parents and Mike


Enjoying the mouse and keyboard my parents and Mike got me for my birthday with ice cream I shouldn’t have


Having a Kinky Little Bride at Bethie’s Lingerie Party

This has really been an amazing month, and I’m pretty sad it’s over. I thought it might be nice to start doing Flashback posts to look back and reminisce on! Usually, I’m filled with excitement at the end of August because it means I’m only 30 days away from October. Not so much this time around. I’m actually a little sad my month of celebration is over. I feel like I’ve gone to SO many events, too. I’m still super sad I ended up having to miss the inaugural Geek Girl Brunch: Sacramento meet up. Gonna try to make up on the 13th for another event, though. I got to celebrate my birthday weekend with so many amazing people, too! Makes my heart swell ^_^!

And lest I forget the fact that I was featured on the Lady Geek of the Week post for Being Geek Chic. It’s still such an honor! I also joined a few other online communities recently and have been given an opportunity to reach out and make so many more online buddies that I normally might not have been able to before. Yay!

Thanks for making my birthday month incredible, Universe! It was a great one!