Captain's Log

Captain’s Log: Annaliza’s 18th Debut in Alameda





For the first time in years, I was a guest at a debut instead of a photographer at one. I still ended up taking pictures for my mom and myself, though! It was nice being able to be just a spectator at one, especially for a family that we were once super close with. The birthday celebrant is the granddaughter of one of my mom’s oldest friends. They used to live here in the valley near us, and ended up moving to the Bay Area years and years ago for work. One of the last memories I have of this kid was when she was about two at her aunt’s 18th debut. Now we were there to celebrate hers! Crazy!

This location was breath-taking! It’s a wine tasting company called Rock Wall, who took over a building in the Alameda Navy Fleet base, which is no longer operational. Her main theme was Snow White, with black, gold, white and primary colors sprinkled all over the room. She even had this adorable Snow White silhouette that was hung above the head table. The wine wasn’t that bad either! I couldn’t enjoy too much, but my mom and I did split a glass early in the evening. There was also this super fun photobooth in between some of the barrels. They had props and everything. It was strange, though, not working an event. I think I’ve worked so many of the previous events I’ve been a part of (paid or not) that I feel like I’ve almost forgotten how to enjoy a party.

Overall, the evening went splendidly. They did such an amazing job on each aspect of the party, from the choreographed dance routines to the transitions in the program schedule (the announcers were amazing performers). Happy birthday, Annaliza! Good luck at UNR!










This Outfit:
Dress – Modcloth (exact, though no longer available)
Shoes – dv8 (old)