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Geek Chic: ThinkGeek’s Bag of Holding Collection


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Happy Monday, everyone! Whether you’re prepping to go back to school or just need a new stuff carrying mechanism, ThinkGeek’s Bag of Holding line will have what you need to carry all the things. These bags are available in tote bags, messenger bags and a bag. The purse and messenger bags are available in cloth, leather and “dragon scale” leather options. Each bag is loading with all the pockets you could possibly ever need or want in your life, and have enough room to hold a laptop from small scale to 17″ depending on which one you choose.

While I’m not totally sure on the other bags, I do know that the tote bags have little D20 zipper pulls that are too cute! You guys will super dig the messenger bags, too.  Your gaming laptop will fit with the rest of your everyday needs! What I love most about this line is that it covers everyone’s needs, male or female. While the majority of the male population might not go for the tote bags necessarily, they’ll super love the backpack and the messenger bags. The nice thing about them, too, is that they don’t look super bulky.

I’m currently torn between the backpack, the black leather purse and the orange dragon scale leather purse. I need a purse with a little more stability to transport all the crap in my purse around without having to worry about losing anything or pieces getting destroyed. What do you guys think I should get? Help me! Which one would you choose? Have you gotten an item from this line before? Let me know below!